JB-107 Kistenscharnier - für unsichtbaren Anschlag – 95° – 51x22mm


Das JB-107 Messing-Vierkant-Kistenscharnier ist mit einem eingebauten Anschlag ausgestattet, der es einem Deckel ermöglicht, bei 95° geöffnet zu bleiben. Es ist aus schwerem Messingmaterial gefräst und kann verwendet werden, wenn eine zusätzliche Strebe nicht erwünscht ist. Jedes Blatt misst 51 mm x 22 mm.

Customer Reviews

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Anonymous (Alameda, US)

It was good as usual.

Taiye Doughty (Chula Vista, US)
I had a bad 1st experience.

The item was great. Shipping was extremely slow and the customer service was not great. Shipping was so so slow that it did not show up on tracking. I called and I was told that once it leaves Brusso it’s out of their hands. That is absolutely not true. I am a business owner and I sell items to customers as well. If a customer pays for something it’s the sellers responsibility to make sure they receive it. There was a day when I called Brusso during normal business hours and no one even answered the phones. I tried this hinge for a new line of furniture that I am making. The hinge was good but I do not see myself buying from Brusso again. I therefore will not spec this item for my furniture line. I know that sometimes things get slowed down. But the response that I received from Brusso was unsatisfactory.

Anonymous (Greensboro, US)
Great product

Brusso hinges have unmatched excellent quality and fit. If your project is worth making, it’s worth using quality components.

Anonymous (Venus, US)
Highest Quality

Very square and very well made. No replacement for quality.

Joseph DePiero (Elyria, US)
hinge review

What can I say about these. Not cheap, but you don't want the cheap junk. Do not hesitate to buy these. I'm cheap and I always buy these!