SR-638 Möbelscharnier 95° Anschlag


Das Möbelscharnier aus Messing ist mit einem eingebauten Anschlag ausgestattet, der es ermöglicht, in einem Winkel von 95° geöffnet zu bleiben. Diese Scharniere werden aus 6 mm dickem massivem Messingmaterial auf präzise Abmessungen gefräst und sind für eine lebenslange Nutzungsdauer ausgelegt. Sie verfügen über Scharnierstifte aus Edelstahl und unsere standardmäßige brünierte Brusso-Oberfläche. Das Möbelscharnier ist 8 mm breit x 35 mm lang. Der Einsatz ist 29 mm lang.  

Customer Reviews

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Alan Woodward
Dimension Off

Hey, great hinge. I have now installed 4 sets on boxes and found them initially frustrating then easier as I discovered some solutions. Initially, the brass screws kept breaking even after using the steel **** to start the hole. I had to drill the broken threads out three times and that led to a lot of cussing. The next time I installed the hinges, I put a small amount of oil on the end of the brass **** and never had any issues again with the heads snapping off. I had better luck mortising out the lid to 1.100 vs. 1.125. The latter dimension tended to catch and bind when the lid was closed. The former dimension provided smooth closure.

Dan Campbell
High Quality

When I put a lot of hard work into a project I want the best accessories to finish with.These side rail hinges are of the highest quality and really set your project off.

Thought Everyone Already knew

As usual - the best hardware at the highest price. I cringe when I buy it and love it when I install it every time...

Use a jig works great!

Works great!

George Warren
New at wood working and ask for some assistance

Fine woodwork is rather new to me but I purchased two SR638 Brusso hinges and selected to install one set in a jewelry box the other in a music box but I did not want to use a jig or template but instead hand cut and fit the hinges into the box back and lid. I could not find any references for hand fitting. I could find a lot of instruction for hinge installation using a router and jig or template. Perhaps you can direct me to written or video side rail hinge installation instruction. Thank you in advance for giving my request your consideration.