CB-302 Butt Hinge

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The CB-302 full mortise butt hinge, milled from heavy brass stock, is one of four different sizes manufactured for boxes and small cabinets. The measurements of the CB-302 open are 32 mm x 21 mm.

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John (Endicott, US)
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Project: Shaker clock
Picture of Excellence

Before purchasing hinges from Brusso, I had ordered and returned hinges from another of the recommended manufactures of quality hinges. Their hinges were nice but were not of the quality of the Brusso product. In the future I will look first to Brusso for my hardware needs. My only criticism of your product is the stock thickness for the small size of the hinge. Perhaps a thinner profile would be more appropriate. Also a choice of either slotted or Phillips head screws would be nice but not a deal killer.

Quality is Obvious

If you're new to Brusso, and especially if you've been buying hinges from one of the large stores, you may not understand why little hinges like these cost extra. It's quite simple: quality, precision and robustness. These tough little hinges are the only thing I will ever use on my projects, they actually add value to the project.


I am so very pleased with the quality of the hinges. They compliment my project perfectly.

CB 302 Review

Quality hardware but is difficult with hard woods such as Bubinga (Junks hardness of 2410). The steel **** may become broken in the wood if not careful. I am thankful that Brusso sent me replacement screws.

John Giese
Ouch - Thank You

Yes this stuff is amazingly expensive so lets get that out of the way first. You get over the price eventually but I am not getting over how glad I am I bought this stuff as the quality level is off the charts relative to pretty much every other hinge you will buy. There is nothing quite like the feeling you get when you swing a door on a high quality hinge. It is the difference between a box that is beautiful but seems cheesy for some reason and a box that is beautiful and clearly made by a master craftsman.You may not think these are worth the money but you will absolutely not be disappointed in how they work. I will be buying this stuff for a long time to come...