HD-680 Quadrant Hinge

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The HD-680 brass quadrant hinge is engineered with a built-in stop that allows a lid to remain open at 95°. The arc is mortised into the side of the box, beneath the leaf. The hinge is sold in pairs. Each leaf measures 25 mm x 45 mm.

This part ships unassembled with a link connecting the two leaves. When assembling, the side with the pin will go into your lid.

Customer Reviews

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JOEL Winter (Lake Zurich, US)
Probably No Better Out There

Great quality hinges--but the brass screws (as you might suspect) are the weak spot. Broke two of them big-time, even with pre-drilling and pre-screwing with similar sized steel screws and generously waxing everything. Had to core one of them out since it broke off below the surface. Ended up re-drilling the pre-drilled holes, pre-screwing with #8 steel screw (for the #6 supplied screws), and then it all worked out beautifully.

George Iles (Penetanguishene, CA)


Scott Woods (Dallas, US)
Large quadrant hinges for humidor

These hinges are the highest quality and I installed them without the jig. Fairly easy to do using a small trim router. They close dead flat and look fantastic.

martin wilson

Fairly good, don’t get in a hurry, take your time and make sure you seat it exact depth. I did have to file the stay on one hing so it would catch, the tip was too rounded, needed to be a sharper tip.

Bryan W.
680 quadrant hinges

Beautiful hinges, solid made well worth the money!